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"Chan Ng makes a perfect heroine as Molly. She brings intelligence and curiosity to the role and makes Molly a tough and resourceful character the audience cares for. She also brings out Molly’s childlike innocence, as well as how she is growing up at the same time, which develops in her feelings towards Boy."

- Bill Choy, Taft Midway Driller


"Especially impressive are Grace Chan Ng as the ever-charming and intelligent Molly."

- Lee Juillerat, Herald and News



"Grace Ng moves as if being yanked about by an unseen force in a breathtaking, acrobatically frenzied performance as the nerdy clerk Wilhelm. "   - Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News

"Ng has the finest moment of the evening when she sings “Lucky Day” with a heretofore unseen and chilling intensity."  Jeffrey Edalatpour, SF Weekly


"Among the standout performances are Ng's gender-blind performance as Wilhelm."   - Chad Jones, TheaterMania

"Also taking on an opposite-sex role in a winning way is Grace Ng as Wilhelm.  Initially, she employs an almost child-like singing voice and boy-like manner as the bookish, non-hunting Wilhelm (as in the duet with Käthchen of “The Briar and the Rose”).  Her character matures as he moves toward his deal with the devil, both in voice but also in wide-eyed determination and eventual horror, with Ms. Ng. making some of the best use of her glasses-encased eyes as an acting asset that I have seen all year on any stage."    - Eddy Reynolds, Theatre Eddy's

"Talented Grace Ng does knockout work as the short, bespectacled clerk Wilhelm, who becomes a champion hunter for love. From opening chorus to bitter end, with Wilhelm afraid, cocksure, or tortured, Ng stays fully committed. Her early contortionist dance convinces me to follow her Wilhelm on any adventure."   - Kim Waldron, Theatrius

dry land
shotgun Players


"Ng's Ester has the tenacious focus of a socket wrench."

-Lily Janiak, SF Chronicle

"Grace Ng, excellent in her transformation over the course of an hour and 40 minutes, with no intermission."

-Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner 

"Grace Ng exudes an intense mixture of emotions as Ester, sensitive and eager to please, a bit defensive and cagey about her past."

-Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News

"For those adults who may have forgotten (or blocked out the memories of) the heightened, frantic energy that often characterizes teenager-hood, Ng’s awkward, high-strung Ester is a good reminder...Brigham and Ng deliver commendable and believable performances without compromising their established dynamics."

-KQED, Nicole Gluckstern

"First-rate Grace Ng."

-Emily S. Mendel, Berkeley Side

Berkeley repertory theatre


"Providing chilling performances that lay bare the austere nature and the punishing atrocities of the North Korean regimes of those decades are Stephen Hu as Kum-Chol and Grace Chan Ng as Hana."


- Eddy Reynolds, Theatre Eddys

You for me for you
crowded fire


"Both Grace Ng and Kathryn Han leave memory-lasting images in their singular, sensitive, and often searing portrayals of Junhee and Minhee, respectively.

-Eddie Reynolds, Theater Eddys


"Ng and Han do a champion job of eloquently expressing inner thoughts and feelings with their eyes, voices, and gestures. Their expressiveness is physical and sensitive—moving beyond language."

 -Kim Waldron, Theatrius

Fiddler on the roof
Berkeley playhouse


“… Chava [is] played wonderfully by Grace Ng, who has double duties as the iconic Fiddler. It brings a tear to your eye to see the Fiddler fly into her dad's arms at the end of the opening number."

- V Media Backstage, Vince Media

"Abbey Lee, Jade Shojaee and Grace Ng, forceful yet graceful as the daughters who challenge their papa, are particularly good in the strong “Matchmaker, Matchmaker,” surprisingly performed with nary a broomstick in sight.

- Leslie Katz, SF Examiner

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